As start up attorneys and CPAs are aware, corporations doing business in California must file incorporation papers with the California Secretary of State’s Office. The filings (i.e. the articles of incorporation) include both for-profit companies and nonprofit entities and list information such as the address of the company and its officers, directors and incorporators. Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can quickly and expertly draft and file your client’s articles of corporation.

There updated requirements for what information must be included in articles of incorporation filed with the California Secretary of State. This includes:

  • The corporation’s street address,
  • The mailing address in the articles,
  • The registered agent’s California street address (if an individual person is listed as the agent for service of process).

This list is not exhaustive. It is also important to note that the registered agent (business or individual designated to receive service of process should a business be sued or summoned) cannot have a PO box address. However, the registered agent may be an individual member of the company, or a third party, such as an agent service. Failure to properly maintain a registered agent can negatively affect a company — make sure to contact us today to set up your registered agent.

Should a business’s articles of incorporation not comply with these requirements, it will be rejected by the Secretary of State’s office — meaning a delay in incorporating your client’s new business. Avoid this, and other incorporation-related issues, by having our business formation specialists take care of your formation and filing needs from start to finish.

If you have decided to form your new client’s business as a corporation, there are certain steps that you must take in order to receive the legal protection and security offered by a C-Corp or S-Corp. This includes proper filing and drafting of the articles, and more. Discuss your incorporation needs with Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. today.

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