Are you looking to form your client’s new business in Nevada? Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can help, as we form new businesses in all 50 states. The steps to forming a Nevada LLC are similar with those involved in filing a conventional corporation.

However, doing business as a limited liability company in Nevada involves more than registering an application with the state. You must declare management composition, keep correct records, and designating agents in order to keep your client compliant.

To form an LLC in Nevada on behalf of your client, you will need to:

  • specify a legal business name;
  • appoint managers and members;
  • submit Articles of Organization; and
  • adopt an operating agreement

To form an LLC in Nevada, the articles of organization must be filed with the Nevada Secretary of State. These articles can include the name of the company, its management structure and any applicable dissolution date, names and addresses of the registered agent, the organizer, and the members or managers.

Upon successfully completing this procedure, your client’s LLC will be legally formed and limited liability will be extended to the company principals.

Inclusion of a “Dissolution Date” is optional. Nevada Revised Statute 86.155 provides that limited liability companies have perpetual existence, unless the operating agreement or articles provide to the contrary. If your client’s LLC will have a set date to dissolve, then make this statement in the LLC’s operating agreement or articles of organization. One of our experienced customer service professional’s can answer your questions in more detail.

Designation of Business Name

As is the law in other states, Nevada states that a LLC may use any name that is distinguishable from other Nevada companies. This includes not just limited-liability companies, but corporations, partnerships and trusts. Additionally, a Nevada limited liability company must contain the standard words or abbreviations designating its legal structure. This designation is contained within the articles of organization.

Transacting Business, Records Keeping and Licensing

Once your client’s Nevada LLC is legally formed, make sure a certified copy of the Articles of Organization and operating agreement are inserted in the records file. A customized corporate kit is the perfect place for your client’s articles. Under Nevada law, the records must be maintained at the company’s registered address.

For more information on how to quickly and efficiently form your client’s new business in Nevada or across the US, contact Attorneys Corporation Service Inc. today.

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