Interested in forming your client’s new business as an LLC? Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can  form your client’s LLC in 24 hours. That’s right: 24 hour turnaround times for LLC formation! What’s more, we can run an accurate and quick business name check first to ensure that your client’s desired business name is available.

As you are likely aware from your own practice, the LLC is growing in popularity among small and large business owners alike. Here are a few advantages to choosing an  LLC that might be making it so popular:

First, one of the biggest pros of forming an LLC is that the members (aka shareholders in a corporation) are afforded limited liability and have pass-through taxes similar to a partnership. By forming an LLC, your client receives many of the benefits of incorporating but avoids a few drawbacks that can come with forming a corporation (a viable option for many business owners, click here to learn more).

The LLC allows for multiple owners, or members. However, as many of our tax lawyers and CPAs know, if the LLC has just one owner, it will be taxed as a sole proprietorship. Additionally, the profits or losses of the business pass directly through to the owners’ personal income tax returns, on their Form 1040. The LLC files a Form 1065, and then lists each member’s taxable profit on Form K-1. In other words, the LLC itself does not file taxes; thereby avoiding double taxation.

The turnaround times for forming an LLC through the Secretary of State are not quick (see filing times here) — unless you go through us. Contact  Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. today if you want your client’s new business formed in 24 hours.

Attorneys Corporation Services, Inc. has been the leading choice for top corporate attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, enrolled agents and business professionals for over 35 years. We provide fast, reliable formation services and quality products. For customized Corporate KitsLLC KitsEstate Plan Organizers and Corporate Supplies, your premier source is Attorneys Corporation Service. We also have solutions for tough filing assignments. Call us at 800.462.5487 or check us out online.

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