In order to have established your client’s business as corporation, you have filed the Articles in the relevant state (and hopefully we provided that service for you). As you know, it is likely that at some point during the life of your client’s business you will be called upon to amend these Articles of Incorporation. Amending the Articles of a business is a common procedure for a corporation.

As a licensed professional (attorney, CPA, enrolled agent), you are aware that when a change needs to be made to your client’s corporation, all states, California included, require that you file a Certificate of Amendment or Articles of Amendment. Attorneys Corporation Service can assist you in quickly changing this legal document so that your client’s corporation remains in good standing with the state.

What types of additions, alterations, or modifications require the filing of an Amendment with the State? Here are a few:

▪ Changing the name of a state-level entity of a corporation

▪ Changing the authorized share information (number, class, par value)

▪ Changing the principal office address

▪ Changing the names / addresses of the Directors

▪ Changing the description of the business activities of the corporation

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can assist you in filing your client’s Amendment quickly and affordably, no matter the reason. Simply fax, email, or email us your Corporate Amendment and we will get started on filing your amended Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization. Give us a try — We ensure a quicker turn around time than if you were to send your Amendment to the Secretary of State directly.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. provides fast, reliable formation services and quality products for all 50 states. We also provide solutions for tough filing assignments. Call us at 800.462.5487 or check us out online at


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