At Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc., we are always looking for new ways to bring our clients new business. We recently read a study about the best states for women to start businesses. Obviously, that made us think of our many clients: the legal and financial professionals who help these women incorporate their businesses and form their LLCs. As we have shared recently, interest rates are at an all-time low, which makes borrowing money and starting a new business a great idea — if your clients can qualify.

The study we saw placed New York at the top of the list of best states for women to incorporate and start a business, with California was a very close second. However, after more research we have found that many states lay claim to the title. Which is great news for you, the licensed professional, if you are looking to create or invest in a startup business.

Virginia and Nevada are two more pro-women in business states, along with Alabama and Alaska. It’s not that the other’s aren’t, it’s just that our research shows that banks and other lenders are more likely to loan money to finance women-backed businesses in these states.

So what are you watiting for? There are businesswomen across this great nation waiting for you to help them get their business running and create a new startup. And, whether they need to form a C-Corp or an LLC, Attorneys Corporation Service can help you every step of the way. We can incorporate your client’s business in each one of the 50 United States!

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Short term federal interest rates are near zero. The U.S. Federal Reserve has attempted to jumpstart our struggling economy by freezing short-term interest rates for two years and opening the door to more quantitative easing.
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Are you, the busy professional, staying on top of all of the potential business surrounding you? With interest rates at all-time lows and many educated, talented individuals out of work, intelligent men and women with great ideas are taking a calculated risk and starting their own business. This is good news for attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and other licensed professionals who assist these entrepreneurial individuals with forming their businesses.
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If you are in the process of incorporating your client’s new business, chances are you will also need a corporate kit. Read on to find out what exactly is in one of our customized corporate kits and how ordering one from Attorneys Corporate Service, Inc., will benefit your client.
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As we have discussed in earlier posts (see our post on C-Corps), choosing the legal structure that is best for your client’s new business is an important, and sometimes difficult, decision. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of an S-Corp and why it might be the most beneficial business structure for your client’s business.
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When forming your client’s new business, you are presented with several options: C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietorship… So which one is best for your client? While we have no doubt that you are familiar with the various business structures, we’ve laid out the pros and cons for forming your client’s business as a C-Corp in a very handy list.
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Today the US received rather encouraging news about its struggling economy, specifically relating to the unemployment rate. Forecasted to remain at around 9%, the newest Labor Department report shows that the jobless rate dropped to around 8.6%, the lowest since we started writing. Payrolls climbed 120,000, with more than half the hiring coming from retailers and temporary help agencies, after a revised 100,000 rise in October that was more than initially estimated.
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Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. incorporates businesses in all 50 states, including Maryland.

With the 19th largest population in the United States, Maryland is home to both large and small businesses.

Maryland’s major industries include government, transportation, and raw materials. Regardless of your industry, we can help you take advantage of Maryland’s business incorporation perks.
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Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. is accepting future filings for corporations!

There are a few perks to being a corporation, at least in the eyes of the IRS. As many tax attorneys and CPAs are aware, the IRS allows certain corporations that qualify to submit the corporations to file taxes before the April deadline and receive a tax ‘benefit’ of sorts.
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With all the buzz about Ohio these days, we thought we’d discuss the benefits of incorporating a business in Ohio. It’s not just an important states for politics – Ohio can be a great state for your client to start their new business.

For example, Ohio corporations and LLCs don’t have to file annual or biennial reports with the Secretary of State.
 Additionally, the Ohio Corporate net income tax rate, or CAT Return, is .26% of the business’s gross revenue. This tax applies to every entity and has a $150 minimum payment.

Now for the steps on how to incorporate a business in Ohio

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