Reminder to watch deadlines for Future Filings. Make sure you send us your corporate clients submit their current year filings in time – contact Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc., TODAY to get your clients’ corporate or LLC filings into the Secretary of State early.

The deadline for Future Filings is coming up shortly. If you send us your or your client’s filings now, our experienced team will send the filing to the S.O.S. today.
The State will review the filings for any problems so that they can be corrected before the fiscal year tax cutoff! Any filings sent to the S.O.S. on or after the deadline will be considered a previous years filing and will not be liable for your taxes.

Click here, or contact one of our experienced tax filing professionals, to find out more about this corporate tax ‘perk.’ Let Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc., quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively submit your client’s filing to the Secretary of State. We will handle the busy work for you so that you can focus on providing a superior client experience. And what client doesn’t want to hear you tell them you are saving them money?

Contact us for answers to questions, today before the future filing deadline passes.

For more information on our business filing services, follow us on Twitter @AttysCorpSrvc!

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