What is a corporate seal and why does your client’s newly formed business need one? A corporate seal is an official identifying mark used by a company and is imprinted into clay, wax, metal or paper. While not required by law, a corporate seal is a professional final touch to a document, placing a final emphasis of importance on the document.

Today’s modern corporate seal embosses the corporation or LLC’s official name, state and year of its formation onto legal documents. The seal represents the business’s power and authority to authenticate them.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can supply you and your clients with a modern corporate seal that signifies your client’s company is officially in business. The seal, or official identifying mark of the company, will state the corporation’s official name, state and year of its formation.

Why do corporations and LLCs use a customized corporate seal?

2 Reasons To Use a Corporate Seal:

1. Documents that need to be executed as deeds (as opposed to simple contracts), may be executed under the company’s common seal, and

2. Certain corporate documents; i.e. stock certificates, are often issued under the company seal.

Why purchase an Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. corporate stamp? Quick turnaround times aside, our corporate seals are:

  • Easy to use,
  • Easy to travel with, and
  • Specific to your client’s state of incorporation.

Additionally, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. provides three customizable corporate stamp options for your client’s business. Contact one of experienced customer service professionals for more information or check us out online here.

Presenting your client with an elegantly designed corporate seal at the end of the business formation process is a gesture your client will likely always remember and a reminder of the necessary services you provided to them.

For more information on the corporate supplies Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc provides at industry-low prices, call us or check us out online today.

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