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Amendments to the blueprint for California’s bullet train, made to appease critics, may violate requirements locked into state law.

Michael Lauer, who ran the multimillion-dollar Lancer Management Group was acquitted on charges of fleecing investors out of $200 million in what the SEC had once dubbed “one of the largest hedge fund frauds in the history of the United States.”

Two U.S. senators want the Justice Department to investigate whether employers who require job applicants to hand over confidential passwords to Facebook and other social networking sites are violating federal law.

A group of Facebook shareholders is seeking to offload $1 billion worth of shares on the secondary market, a sale that would value the company at more than $70 billion.

With economic growth slower than hoped, Bernanke suggested that the central bank might continue or expand its easy-money policies to help sustain fragile growth in employment.

And after Bernanke’s comments, U.S. stocks advanced, sending the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to the highest level since May 2008.

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