Happy Monday. Here’s your breakdown of what happened this weekend in business, law, and life:

Without comment, the US Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from lawyers for investors who got back all the cash they had invested with Bernie Madoff before his December 2008 arrest.

A deal between American Airlines and the pilots union, its most expensive employee group, would pave the way for a possible merger with US Airways.

AOL reportedly plans to announce a stock buyback by the end of this week, to return proceeds from the company’s sale of patents.

Banking industry analysts think downgrades by Moody’s will cause lasting pain for some of the biggest American banks.

Last week was a relatively positive one for Facebook, with its stock rising 10%; it closed at $33.05 a share on Friday.

The US Supreme Court upholds parts of Arizona’sstrict law targeting illegal immigrants, but says the federal government has the ultimate authority to decide who will be held and deported.

The US Supreme Court reaffirms a 2010 ruling that guarantees corporate and labor-union interests the right to spend freely in political campaigns.

The US Supreme Court rules 5-4 that it is unlawful to send juvenile offenders to prison for the rest of their lives with no chance of ever getting out.

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