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Thinking of incorporating your client’s business in Oklahoma? Be sure to follow the appropriate steps to ensure the business is properly formed. The first order of business? File your client’s Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State, or let … Continue reading

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With taxes due just around the corner, business compliance issues are on the minds of many of our clients (attorneys, CPAs, and other licensed financial professionals). At Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc., we believe in simplifying your life and therefore, the life … Continue reading

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You’ve made the important decision of choosing the appropriate legal entity (i.e. LLC vs C-Corp vs S-Corp) for your client’s business, but as you know, your job as your client’s lawyer / accountant / financial planner has just begun. Whether … Continue reading

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When forming your client’s new business, you are presented with several options: C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietorship… So which one is best for your client? While we have no doubt that you are familiar with the various business structures, we’ve … Continue reading

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As many attorneys and CPAs who works with small businesses know firsthand, the IRS Schedule C form is an extremely important document when preparing taxes. A Schedule C is used to calculate the net business income for a sole proprietor … Continue reading

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The maintenance of corporate books are a requirement for just about every small or large corporation in the United States. And Delaware, where we can form your client’s new business in 24 hours, is no different. In fact, under Delaware … Continue reading

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