Many shareholders are interested in holding a paper copy of their ownership in a company. Therefore, it is a good idea for your client to be prepared to provide stock holders with paper stock certificates. A stock certificate is a document that substantiates the legal ownership of shares of stock in a corporation. Stock or membership certificates are made out to the shareholder and they identify the issuer, the number of shares, the par value, and the stock class.

Shareholders are often informed by their legal counsel or other advisors that it is important to retain a paper copy of the certificate certificates until / if / when a decision decide to sell or transfer securities is made. They hear of the advantages of holding a physical certificate; which include:

  • The company knows how to reach the stock holder and will send all company reports and other information to him directly.
  • The shareholder may find it easier to pledge securities as collateral for a loan if he or she holds the certificates in physical certificate form.

It is important that your client’s corporation is always prepared to provide stock or share certificates to its shareholders. With our trademarked CustomPrint software, you can issue stock and membership certificates yourself without having to make extra calls or wait on other person. Attorneys Corporation Service Inc’s CustomPrint™ Certificate Printing Program will allow you to print professional, clean certificates in minutes.

With CustomPrint, you can customize most of our standard preprinted certificates with essential information such as the registered holder’s name, the amount and date of issuance, and the names and titles of the signers. You can even add a legend, if you wish. Your clients will be pleased with your promptness and efficiency. Reach out to us today to find out more.

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