Form your customers new business in as fast as one day with our custom corporate kits. Attorneys Corporation Service has the unmatched expertise to fulfill all your incorporation needs with the use of one of our trusted corporate kits. No matter what type of businesses your law firm services, ACS is able to offer a fast and complete solution with our products, services, and quality business relationships.

Depending on your clients business organization, tax category, and local state laws you will require a different set of needs when presenting corporate kit options.
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This past week has been a busy one (with a few reasons listed below) on Wall Street. Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. is breaking down what’s happened so that you can spend less time gathering news and more time practicing your business. From attorneys to CPAs to licensed financial professionals, our clients know that they can rely on us for their incorporation and business filing needs, as well as news that impacts their business.

Perhaps surprisingly, US unemployment aid applications are near a 4-year low.
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Attorneys Corporation Service expertise can form a new business as fast as one day. Our unparalleled service brings to each of our accounts the ability to serve that client’s every business formation need. Customers of attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, enrolled agents, and business leaders have varying requirements for business organization. The products, services, expertise, and relationships of ACS, offer a quick complete solution no matter which type of business organization is appropriate; Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Partnership, or DBA formation.

ACS serves all 50 states and has been providing high value wall street quality corporate kits for over 25 years.
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Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. offers customized corporate kits and other pertinent business formation documents. For example, we offer corporation tabs for every corporation type. So whether you are looking to form a non-profit or for-profit business, we have you covered.

In immediate need of corporation tabs? We can help. Read on for a list of the various corporate tabs we offer and what is included in each packet.

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If you are an attorney, CPA, or financial professional interested in saving yourself time and money, while still providing your clients with the highest quality work product, look no further than Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. From corporate kits to document software and business filing services, we offer the products and services every busy corporate lawyer or accountant needs to streamline their practice.

Our customized corporate kits can be used for all of your incorporation needs, regardless of the business entity type or where the business is located. Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. is current on the laws and regulations for each of the fifty states and our kits are guaranteed to comply with any state’s laws. What’s more, we can get them to you in a rush! Talk to us about our 24 hour turnaround.

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Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. has been assisting top attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, enrolled agents, and business professionals with their client’s business formation needs for more than 30 years. Our services include incorporation and LLC formation, business name availability checks, UCC Filings, Registered Agents in all 50 states, and more.

Part of the incorporation process includes filing the Articles of Incorporation. If you’ve filed your client’s Articles (or asked us to on your behalf using our quick and efficient Draft n’ File service) and are waiting for confirmation papers from the Secretary of State, finalize the incorporation process with a customized Corporate Kit for your client. In one simple and convenient step — either online or over the phone — choose a kit from our elegant selection of professional corporate kits. Designed to fit your client’s specific needs, our corporate kits are manufactured in-house by our experienced team. This allows us to keep our costs competitive while never threatening quality.

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You’ve formed your client’s new business. Now you need a Registered Agent, but you don’t know of one in the state in which your client’s corporation or LLC is formed. What do you do? Call us, of course.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. is pleased to provide its valued clients national Registered Agent Services for only $99/year.

Effective immediately, if you choose to use our in-house services, the new registered agent name must be reflected on all formation documents as:

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As a number of attorneys, CPAs, and licensed professionals are aware, many business owners need an Employer Identification Number (or EIN) for IRS purposes. Also known as Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN, an Employer ID Number is the corporate equivalent to an individuals’ Social Security Number. It should be noted that the IRS recently made changes to the EIN issuance process (for more information, click here.)

How do you know if your client needs an EIN? For example, if your client’s business has employees, if it files any of these tax returns: Employment, Excise, or Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and/or operates as a corporation or partnership, you will need to file for an EIN.

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As many attorneys and CPAs who works with small businesses know firsthand, the IRS Schedule C form is an extremely important document when preparing taxes. A Schedule C is used to calculate the net business income for a sole proprietor or single-member LLC business owner and is basically an addendum to the 1040 form.

According to the Internal Revenue Service:

Schedule C is the federal tax form filed by most sole proprietors; one owner businesses. As you can tell from its title, Profit or Loss from Business, it’s used to report both income and losses. Many times, Schedule C filers are self-employed taxpayers who are just getting their business started. In addition to those who do well at the start, this group can also include new business owners who make very little or no profits, or even lose money. There is also a shorter form, Schedule C-EZ, Net Profit for Business. This is for self-employed individuals with less complex situations including business expenses of less than $5,000, no net losses and no employees.

Here are a few Schedule C tips for our attorneys and CPA clients:

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You’re in the process of incorporating your client’s new business. Halfway through drafting the articles, you remember to ask your client who will handle the corp’s service of process. Service of process is how a third party provides you and your client’s company with notice of a pending legal matter; thereby allowing you, as your client’s legal counsel, to respond accordingly.

The registered agent can be an individual or company that you, as your client’s representative, appoint to receive your client’s service of process and other official notices; such as state franchise tax notices pertaining to your client’s new business. A registered agent MUST be located in the state in which the business is incorporated.


So, who do you choose to serve as your client’s Registered Agent?

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