Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. is hiring! We are looking for an experienced, self-motivated Chief Customer Service Officer. Read on for more details!

Summary: Looking for an innovative change agent to complement our rapidly growing legal services business. Looking for a bright, innovative, highly motivated customer service champion to lead and build our customer facing side of the business. Must be a leader, collaborator, motivator that has the ability to lead and motivate teams in order to meet company goals. The job is service oriented but also requires recommendation and management of technology applications and solutions. Must be a strong problem solver able to solve any customer or employee related issue within their team.


  • Responsible for all areas of customer experience, customer service, and business processes that affect customer experience
  • Building, leading, and overseeing the entire customer service team
  • Create concepts and develop key metrics to improve the customer experience
  • Creates and suggests new products and services that could improve the company’s growth and profitability
  • Overseas all customer facing technologies, ease of use, and user experience
  • Building out and executing all customer service team goals, objectives, and key metrics
  • Identifying service vulnerabilities
  • Implement service or improvements to increase service levels and user experience
  • Works with both customers and employees to determine best areas of improvement
  • Overall responsible for customer sustainability and growth
  • Create and building cross sell / up sell initiatives
  • Establish key customer retention metrics and management
  • Entrepreneur and intuitive spirit with strong business acumen

Other Traits:

  • Team player and collaborator
  • Able to maintain bearing and stay calm even during the highest pressure and stress
  • Strong organization, attention to detail, and project management skills
  • Go big or go home mentality, goes above and beyond to establish excellence
  • Has intimate knowledge of the customer’s needs in order to anticipate needs
  • Has empathy for customers and whatever situation that hits the business
  • Strong communicator – able to communicate clearly, both written and verbal
  • Able to relate to customers and establish key relationships
  • Able to establish and teach service recovery techniques
  • Able to handle complaints calm and collectively even when handling unpleasant customers
  • Accurate work output
  • Customer driven, always puts the customer first
  • Tech savy, able to use and make recommendations on robust information systems
  • Manages content on various types of communications (IE. website, FAQ, emails, etc.)
  • Pleasant, friendly, open, transparent, self directed
  • Able to grow and looking for long-term career opportunity (not a “job-hopper”)
  • Able to fit and work in a unstructured, open and collaborative environment

Education requirements:

– minimum bachelors degree in business or technology

– MBA preferred

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