As many attorneys, financial advisors, and CPAs know, many business-minded individuals are finding the silver lining in the slow economy by taking their great ideas and forming new businesses.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. is designed to make your life, as the professional incorporating your clients’ businesses, easier. Attorneys Corporation Service incorporation services are available only to licensed professionals, providing you with an edge to for clients — while also saving you hours of your time.

If you want to incorporate your client’s business (but not have to do any of the grunt work), call or go online to Attorneys Corporate Service, Inc. Quickly and easily enter in your client’s information and, with our expedited service, you will know within a day if your client’s business name is available (our knowledgeable customer service agents will do a name-check with the state).

Additionally, within that same period, we will draft and file your client’s proposed Articles of Incorporation — saving you precious minutes to focus on your client’s other needs.

With Attorneys Corporation Service, you will not have to spend time gathering documents – which you have diligently prepared for your client — to send off to the Secretary of State. We will draft the Articles of Incorporation, using the information you provided us when placing your order, assemble all the necessary paperwork, complete the forms and deliver your client’s incorporation materials to the Secretary of State for you. What’s more, we will give you a courtesy call before we charge your credit card and prepare your client’s filing.

Attorneys Corporation Service believes in transparency every step of the incorporation process.

If you are a busy professional interested in saving time so that you can focus on your clients other needs, check out Attorneys Corporate Service today. Go online or call us to start incorporating your client’s business!

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