If you want to incorporate your client’s business in Colorado, consider reviewing the Colorado Secretary of State’s helpful online tutorial for tips that you can use to gather the  information necessary to incorporate a business in the state. First, of course, is running a business name availability check (which we can quickly and accurately perform for you) and preparing the Articles of Incorporation, which we can also draft n’ file.

The Colorado Articles of Organization (or Incorporation) must include:

  • A distinguishable entity name.  The name of the corporation must include a “corporate ending,” such as the word “incorporated,” “corporation,” “limited,” or “company” or an abbreviation.  The business cannot share the same name as another business or the same name as a natural person.
  • The number of shares the company is authorized to issue.
  • Registered Agent’s information.  The name, Colorado street address, and contact information of the Registered Agent. The Agent’s duty is to forward to the corporation at its last known address any notice, process, or demand served on the corporation. The Registered Agent can be an entity or an individual. Any domestic entity that has its usual place of business in Colorado may be listed as a Registered Agent.  Unlike in other states, an entity may serve as its own agent. The Registered Agent must consent to be appointed as such.
  • Incorporator’s information.  Colorado law requires at least one incorporator who files the Articles of Organization and any other official documents required by the state. This person’s duties are finished once the corporation is incorporated. The incorporator must provide a street address and contact information.
  • Optional provisions. These include a listing of directors, a statement of the corporation’s purpose, definitions of the roles of the corporation’s directors and officers, and language limiting the personal liability of any director for monetary damages in an action for breach of duty as a director.  The Colorado Revised Statutes were changed in 2000 so that entities are no longer required to file officers’, owners’, or directors’ names and addresses with the Secretary of State.

Finally, the Secretary of State’s Office gives the corporation the option of choosing a delayed effective filing date, for up to 90 days from the date of submitting the Articles. You may submit your Articles of Organization to Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. to file on your client’s behalf.

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