If your client is interested in doing business in Oregon through a corporation, or a corporation that wishes to do business in Oregon, you’ll need to prepare Articles of Incorporation and file them with the Oregon Central Business Registry, run by the Oregon Secretary of State.  Or, make life a little easier and send them to us to file on your client’s behalf. At Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. we can incorporate your client’s Oregon business in 24-48 hours and, if you request, prepare a customized corporate kit for you and your client, to be ready when formation is complete.

If you are interested in forming a business in Oregon, it is a good idea to start with a business name availability check, which we can run for you. Next, prepare (or ask us to prepare) the Articles of Incorporation.

The Oregon Articles of Incorporation, a one-page form, must include:

  • A business name.  Your business cannot share the same name as another business.  The name of the corporation must include the word “incorporated,” “corporation,” “company,” or “limited” or an abbreviation of one of those words.  If the corporation is a professional corporation, the business name must contain the words “professional corporation” or an abbreviation such as “P.C.” or “Prof. Corp.”
  • Information about stock shares. Optional. If you choose to include it, you’ll need to have at least one share.
  • Indemnification. Also optional. You can check a box on the form to indemnify directors, officers, employers, agents for liability and related expenses. This means if someone sues the directors, officers, or others, the corporation will provide insurance or funds for the legal fees of the lawsuit.
  • Registered agent’s information.  The name, Oregon street address, and contact information of the registered agent. The agent is the person charged with sending and receiving corporate documents and correspondence on behalf of the corporation, and the registered office. Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can set you up with an Oregon Registered Agent.
  • Incorporator’s information.  The incorporators file the Articles of Incorporation and any other official documents required by the state. You must include the name and complete address of each incorporator.  All incorporators must sign, indicating that they have examined the filing and to the best of their knowledge, it is true, correct, and complete.
  • Note that if you wish to incorporate a professional corporation offering a licensed professional service or services, you will need to describe the services that are rendered.

The Articles, which then place your business in the Corporation Division’s registry, must be renewed annually.  This requirement is in lieu of an “annual report” that other states require from businesses each year.  Once a business is registered in Oregon, the information submitted is a public record and will be posted on the state’s website.

For more information on how to incorporate in Oregon, or for assistance is quickly and efficiently doing so, reach out to the experienced business formation specialists at Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. today.

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