Happy Holidays! In an attempt to send you off on your holiday weekend the right way, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc., is breaking down what’s hot today in the business and legal worlds. Keeping with our business theme (24 hour expedited business services, inexpensive customized corporate kits, to name a few), spend less time researching or preparing, and more time practicing your business.

Today, In-Flight Internet Service Gogo Readies to Go Public in the New Year

Justice Dept. Approves Merger of NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Borse. Next hurdle: the EU.

AT&T says it got regulatory approval for a deal to buy $1.93 billion of wireless spectrum from Qualcomm, to enhance its 4G network.

Trilantic Capital Partners, a private equity firm that former Lehman Brothers executives created from a section of the failed investment bank, is seeking $2 billion for a fund to invest in North American companies.

Bank of New York Mellon agreed to resolve a joint investigation by New York, Texas and Florida into whether it manipulated the trading of auction-rate securities with a $1.3 million settlement.

The deadline for commenting on the proposed Volcker Rule will supposedly extend to Feb. 13, from Jan. 13.

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