Sometimes your client is not interested in forming an LLC or corporation. Whether it is for financial reasons or a personal preference, you need to find another solution for your client’s new business. The answer might be in the form of a fictitious name or “Doing Business As” (DBA).

A DBA is a business name that is different from your client’s personal name, the names of your client’s partners, or the officially registered name of your client’s LLC or corporation. DBA names can also be called trade names or assumed names.

Unfortunately, your client cannot just go about operating a business under a different name without registering with the appropriate government agency. Each state has its own specific rules surrounding the filing of a DBA and you can learn more about a state’s specifications here on the website.

When do you need to form a DBA for your client? Here are a few scenarios:

  1. Sole Proprietors or Partnerships – If your client wishes to start a business under any name other than his real one, you’ll need to register a DBA name so that he can do business under the DBA name.
  2. Existing Corporations or LLCs – If your client’s business is already incorporated and he wants to do business under a different name, you will need to register a DBA.

No matter where your client’s business is located, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can assist you in registering your client’s DBA. We will save you time and money by filing your client’s DBA in the proper county and publishing it in the required newspaper — all in one easy process.

For more information on the DBA process, or to start registering your client’s DBA, click here.

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