As a licensed professional (attorney, CPA, enrolled agent), you understand that when a change needs to be made to your client’s LLC or corporation, an amendment is in the works. In fact, most states require that a business file a Certificate of Amendment or Articles of Amendment when adding to, deleting from, or otherwise altering an existing provision of the Articles of Organization or Incorporation. The Amendment is filed with with the Secretary of State and Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can assist you with the process.

There are certain modifications that require the filing of an Amendment with the State? Those include:

  • Changing the name of a state-level entity of an LLC or corporation
  • Changing the authorized share information (number, class, par value)
  • Changing the name / address of the Registered Agent
  • Changing the principal office address
  • Changing the names / addresses of the Directors or Officers
  • Changing the description of the business activities of the LLC or corporation

Whatever the reason for the Amendment to your client’s Articles, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can file your paperwork quickly and affordably. Simply fax, email, or email us your Corporate Amendment – we ensure a quicker turn around time than if you were to send your Amendment to the Secretary of State directly.

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