You’ve made the important decision of choosing the appropriate legal entity (i.e. LLC vs C-Corp vs S-Corp) for your client’s business, but as you know, your job as your client’s lawyer / accountant / financial planner has just begun. Whether you have formed an LLC or corporation, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can help. And if you have formed a C-Corp for your client, we have just the tools to help you and your client stay complaint.

As the business formation attorneys and other professionals who incorporate businesses on behalf of clients understand, with every c-corporation perk comes required corporate formalities the client must abide by, such as an annual shareholder meeting and the upkeep and update of business records and transactions of the corporation.


At Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. we make compliance with these state laws easy and hassle-free. We offer a large selection of professional quality Corporate Kits (and LLC Kits) to match your preference and budget. These kits allow you and your client to keep important paperwork in one convenient place. Additionally, we offer specialized kits for General Business, Close, Professional and Non-Profit Corporations.

Give us a call or order online and we will create a customized Corporation Supplies kit for your client that includes necessary materials such as Minute Books and Record Books, Stock Certificates and Membership Certificates with specialized language, and customized Corporate Seals. Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. provides the corporation formation services you need to keep your client’s business running in accordance with state law at affordable prices.

For more information on the corporation formation and compliance services we offer, call or email us today!

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