The maintenance of corporate books are a requirement for just about every small or large corporation in the United States. And Delaware, where we can form your client’s new business in 24 hours, is no different. In fact, under Delaware law, any holder of one or more shares of stock in a Delaware corporation may demand inspection of the corporation’s books and records.

Furthermore, if, within five days, the corporation fails to permit the inspection, the shareholder is entitled to petition the Delaware Court of Chancery, upon showing of a “proper purpose,” for an order compelling the corporation to allow the inspection. Where derivative actions have been dismissed for failure to plead demand futility, courts and litigants are aware that Delaware’s books-and-records statute is a powerful tool for obtaining information that may not ordinarily be made available to the public.

While some argue that this law does not provide for the fact that much information about a corporation’s activities are stored online in today’s digital age, and not in corporate books, it is nevertheless the way business is done in Delaware. For our post on why / how to form a corporation in Delaware, please click here.

Because your client’s new Delaware corporation will need to maintain paper records, we suggest a corporate kit, manufactured and designed by Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. Our corporate kits include:

  • Minute Book
  • Organizational Tabs
  • Embossing Seal
  • 20 Stock/Membership Certificates
  • Optional Minute and Bylaws/Operating Agreement CD-Rom

Each of our high quality corporate kits also includes free customizing software that allows your client to customize and print stock certificates directly from his or her computer for ease of business as well as a clean, professional look. Assist your client in maintaining compliance with Delaware corporation rules with a custom ordered corporate kit.

We have a variety of kits, based on your client’s needs and preferences. The kits come inside a quality binder that will look great in any CEO or CFO’s office bookcase. For more information about how to order a customized Delaware corporate kit for your client, contact Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. today.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. provides fast, reliable formation services and quality products. For customized Estate Plan Organizers and Corporate Supplies, your premier source is Attorneys Corporation Service. We also provide solutions for tough filing assignments. Call us at 800.462.5487 or check us out online at

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