As any estate planner or wealth manager is aware, one of the main goals of estate planning is to ensure that the deceased’s property passes on as he or she intended.  A properly-constructed estate plan can achieve this and therefore, reduce or avoid the involvement of probate court in the division of assets after the demise of an estate owner. Estate planning is also commonly used to assign a guardian or custodian to a minor or a disabled person. The end result in both instances? Your client’s peace of mind.

Which is also where our estate planning kits come in.  An estate planning lawyer or financial professional will guide a client in ways that will preserve the estate, considerably reduce the possible taxes and fees associated with probate and the distribution of assets, as well as set up a contingency plan for the proper execution of the intended objectives of the estate owner. An estate planning kit from Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. is icing on the estate planning cake!

Customized for you and your client, the estate planning kit includes a personalized, hand-crafted leatherette estate plan records binder, which you will be able to pass on to your client an image of professionalism. Additionally, our estate planning binders are gold-stamped with the name of the estate plan or trust. The estate planning book slides easily into a matching slip-case to help secure and protect the estate planning supplies.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc.’s complete estate planning kits include 18 mylar coated index tabs with titles for:


▪ Living Trust


▪ Will(s)


▪ Irrevocable Trust(s)


▪ Life Insurance


▪ Advance Healthcare Directive(s)


▪ Durable Power(s) of Attorney-General


▪ Deeds


Our estate planning kits also provide you/your clients with removable document holders for storing estate planning documents and forms you do not want hole-punched. Lastly, we include an Estate Plan Data Recorder – an extremely valuable tool for an executor. Our customized estate planning kits will neatly safeguard your client’s estate plan records, making it easy for them to place the binder in an easily-remembered safe place.


For more information on our customized estate planning kits, contact Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. today. With our 24 hour turnaround times and affordable costs, you will be glad you did.


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