Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. understands that there are significant legal considerations and requirements involved in starting your client’s new business. Whether you are forming an LLC or C-Corp or S-Corp, our customized corporate kits will assist you and your client in proper record keeping. As lawyers and CPAs familiar with the business formation process likely know, forming a new business in any state can be an involved process depending on your client’s particular business organization, tax category, and local state laws.

Our customized corporate kits are manufactured in our plant in Los Angeles, California, which means we have complete control over their quality and content. Along with providing tools to keep you/your client compliant, each corporate kit order also includes our stock certificate customizing software that allows you to customize and print certificates directly from your computer for a clean, professional look.


Along with customizable software, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc’s corporate kits include:

– Minute Book

– Organizational Tabs

– Embossing Seal

– 20 Stock/Membership certificates

– Optional Minute and Bylaws/Operating Agreement CD-Rom

We have the unmatched expertise to fulfill your business formation needs; including high-quality corporate kits for your client to store important documents and information. No matter what size or type of businesses your law or CPA practice services, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. offers a fast and complete solution with our products, services, and quality business relationships.

What’s more, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can provide you with a high-quality corporate or LLC kit for your client’s business within 24 hours. And if that isn’t fast enough, we offer same day service for a rush fee. If you are interested in ‘Wowing’ your client with a ‘Thank you for your business’ gift, you don’t have to plan ahead. Just give one of our experienced customer service professionals a call or order the kit online.

Of course, each of our corporate kit supplies can be ordered separately. If purchasing an entire corporate kit for your client is not in your budget (although our kits start at a very budget-friendly $52), talk to us about ordering the specific items you want.

Whatever your incorporation or business formation needs, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. is here to assist you. Give us a call or check us out online today. Allow the customer service professionals at Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. to save you money, time, and hassle during the new business formation process. Purchase one of our corporate kits for your clients and surprise them with the supplies and forms necessary for them to efficiently run their new business.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. provides fast, reliable formation services and quality products. For customized Estate Plan Organizers and Corporate Supplies, your premier source is Attorneys Corporation Service. We also provide solutions for tough filing assignments. Call us at 800.462.5487 or check out our online ordering system.

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