With taxes due just around the corner, business compliance issues are on the minds of many of our clients (attorneys, CPAs, and other licensed financial professionals). At Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc., we believe in simplifying your life and therefore, the life your client — the newly incorporated businessman, for example. Not only can we incorporate your client’s new business in 24 hours, but we can draft and file your clients articles of incorporation on your behalf. Just as importantly, we can help keep you and your clients organized and compliant post-business formation.

As the attorneys and other professionals who incorporate businesses on behalf of clients understand, with every corporate perk comes the required formalities. Your client’s failure to abide by these rules, such as hosting an annual shareholder meeting, or to upkeep and update business records and corporate transactions can lead to trouble with the IRS.


At Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. we make compliance with these state laws easy and hassle-free. We offer a large selection of professional quality Corporate Kits that not only match your client’s preferences and budget, but simplifies their business. Additionally, we offer specialized kits for General Businesses, Close, Professional and Non-Profit Corporations; Limited Liability Companies; and General and Limited Partnerships.

We will manufacture a customized Corporate Supplies kit for your client that includes necessary materials; such as Minute Books and Stock Certificates with specialized language, and customized Corporate Seals. Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. provides the corporation formation services and paperwork you and your client need to keep your client’s business running in accordance with state law.

For more information on our corporate kits, contact one of our experienced customer service representatives today.


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