Wondering what to get a client or firm partner as a present this holiday season? Corporate kits make the perfect gift for a boss, colleague, or client. And what’s more, as a crucial element in any business, they are useful and provide a professional, convenient place to store important documents.

A quality corporate kit generally will include: a corporate binder with an embossed, corporate name, tab dividers, articles of incorporation, corporate minutes, stock transfer ledger, stock certificates, and corporate bylaws.

But at Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. we take it one step further. Since we manufacture our corporate binders at our plant in Los Angeles, California, we are able to provide a level of customization and elegance at unbeatable prices. Our binders are not only functional but are decorative as well, and the ring record books come with the company name gold-stamped down the spine.

The corporate kit also contains 20 stock or membership certificates. This provides your client easy access to them when a shareholder requests tangible proof of their stock and relieves you of having to take the time to print them out and send them to your client. However, should you feel more comfortable doing so, Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. offers state of the art software that allows you to print stock certificates at your desk. 

Of course, every corporate kit should contain the corporate by-laws. These by-laws, which you likely helped to draft, spell out how the corporation is to operate and are important for your client to have close at hand.

Finally, our customized corporate kits also contains a customized corporate seal. This metal device will allow your client to emboss the corporate seal on any type of documents, giving paperwork a more official and professional look. The seal comes in a decorative pouch with available gold stamping.

We have several options for binders (click here to learn more) and many of them are bound in leatherette material, perfect for placement in a CEO or small business owner’s office cabinets and/or in your partner’s office. And for those plus-sized businesses, check out our extra volume corporate kits. 

For the perfect holiday gift for your boss or client, contact Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. today.

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