Is your client interested in converting his or her business from an LLC to an incorporation? Thanks to Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc., converting from  a limited liability corporation (LLC) to an S Corp or C Corp has never been easier.

Why would a business want to switch to an incorporation? Several reasons, many of which come down to finances. For example, you might want your client to take advantage of the tax benefits an incorporation provides.  A corporation offers more tax write-offs than an LLC and allows the business to operate past the owners death, unlike an LLC. Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can assist you in incorporating a business in each of the 50 states.

Your state may or may not accept a business entity conversion form that allows you to quickly convert from one business type to the next. If your state does not, you will need to dissolve the LLC and establish an incorporation, which Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can do quickly. However, before you do anything, have us run a name availability check.

You might discover that your client’s business name is not available as an incorporation, which is good to know before your client officially changes over to a C or S Corp.

Once we determine your client’s business name is available as an incorporation, and after you switch your client’s business to a corporation, you will need to take care of some housekeeping. Contact the business’s current and previous creditors to inform them of your client’s new business name or corporate entity information.

Next comes the IRS.

Your client’s business might need a new tax ID number, which Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can quickly obtain for you. Your client’s old tax ID number for the LLC may no longer be usable. A tax ID number is used to open corporate credit accounts, build business credit, and hire employees.

Depending on the state your client’s business is formed in, the conversion process may be more involved. The experienced customer service professionals at Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can assist you with the incorporation process and answer your business formation questions.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. provides fast, reliable formation services and quality products. For  customized Estate Plan Organizers and Corporate Supplies, your premier source is Attorneys Corporation Service. We also provide solutions for tough filing assignments. Call us at 800.462.5487 or check us out online at

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