Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. has been the leading choice of top attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, enrolled agents, and business professionals to help complete the incorporation process for more than 33 years.

If you’ve filed the Articles of Incorporation, finish the process for your client with the Corporate Kit in one simple and covenant process. Using the highest quality products available, ACS can help you with all that your client will need to fulfill their corporate obligations – keeping their necessary records, certificates, and hand seal together in a single distinctive record book that will match the pride they feel in business ownership.

All of our kits include elegant custom gold stamped lettering of the Corporation name, and optional gold trim, on the space-saving container that holds all these materials. The container style differs from an elegant book style to a standard binder box. Included in all the kits is the metal hand stamp (and pouch), 20 to 25 stock or membership certificates, mylar reinforced tabs, transfer ledgers, rag content minutes book paper, organizational minutes, as well as applicable IRS and state forms, and optional bylaws/operating agreements.

We offer two distinct sets of Corporate Kits – the All-In-One Corporate Kits and the Boxed Corporate Kits.

The All-In-One Corporate Kits are available in 6 package styles, depending on your presentation preferences, and options. Designed for easy storage, the 8-1/2″x11″ sized record book contains the whole kit and slides easily into a matching protective shell.

The designs available include: modern styling in a traditional handcrafted workmanship, leatherette styles in classic and rounded spine styles – with gold trim options, handcrafted ring binders, as well as a heavy duty ring binder style for those needing extra storage. All these options include the matching protective shell (slip box) that ties the package together well, while making shelf storage easier and more distinctive.

All-In-One Corporate Kits

  • Advokit
  • Standard Compact
  • Classic Two-Tone
  • Special Compact
  • Deluxe Compact
  • Extra Capacity Ring

The Boxed Corporate Kits are available in 4 package styles, and differ from the All-In-One in that their certificates are 8-1/2″x15″ sheet sizes. These kits have a matching two-piece legal size box, and they include a separate personalized binder for the 25 long form certificates.

The designs available include: a leatherette ring or post book – with elegant gold trim options, as well as a heavy-duty rounded spine style with concealed rivets.

Boxed Corporate Kits

  • Economy
  • Special
  • Deluxe Ring
  • Deluxe Round Post

Each corporate kit order also includes free certificate customizing software that will customize and print certificates directly from a computer for a clean, professional look. Corporate Kits are available for all 50 states, and U.S. possessions and territories. We ship worldwide, and offer quick turnaround – orders received by 5pm (Pacific Standard Time), are shipped the following business day.

Color options vary for each package, but all are available in the classic black – with others also made in maroon, green, blue and/or two-tone. Another option is that each kit is available with or without bylaws.

When ordering, the choices of state of incorporation, and corporation type (for profit, non-profit, or professional corporation), are available. Ordering online is efficient, simple, and quick. Or you can order through our toll free number: 800-462-5487.

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. offers many options, and through our ability to control the full process from order request through production, assembly, and shipment, we can tailor our systems to your specific needs.

All Corporate Kits Include

  • Slip cover with company name gold stamped
  • Ring or post binders
  • Metal hand seal and pouch
  • 20-25 certificates,
  • Mylar reinforced tabs
  • Transfer ledgers
  • Rag content minute book paper,
  • Applicable IRS and state forms,
  • Organizational minutes
  • Optional bylaws/operating agreement
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