Is your client not interested in forming his or her new business as a corporation or LLC? Perhaps the DBA is the best fit. It is inexpensive and requires very little in terms of time investment. There are still a few legalities that must be met, however. Most states require that you file a DBA, or Doing Business As, for your clients if they are doing business under a name other than their legal name, which involves paperwork and an often slow turnaround time. Which is exactly where Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. comes in…

Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can save you time and money filing a DBA in any county nationwide. Additionally, since the DBA filing process is not complete without publication of the potential use in a newspaper, we will also take care of finding the appropriate local newspaper to publish your client’s desired DBA in — all for one low price.

When it comes to timing, it is best to file the DBA before your client actually starts doing business under the business name. In fact, some jurisdictions, such as California, require that a DBA is filed within a certain period of time of the name’s first use.

A DBA is a quick, easy, and economical way to operate a small business and can be the cheapest and simplest structure for formal business recognition. There are pros and cons to structuring your client’s business as a DBA, which you can discuss in detail with your client. But let Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. deal with the paperwork and headache that goes with filing your client’s DBA with the appropriate county or jurisdiction.

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  1. Marco says:

    In Singapore it’s called Sole Proprietorship. Its main features are
    Not considered a separate entity from its owner
    Owner can be held personally liable for the business liabilities
    Not taxed at the entity level (taxed at owner’s personal income tax rate)

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