The California Secretary of State has a number of changes pertaining to corporations and LLCs. In January of 2012, the California Secretary of State changed their Statement of Information forms. According to California law, every for-profit California corporation and every California limited liability company (LLC) must now file a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State within 90 days of filing the original Articles of Incorporation (or Articles of Organization).

A for-profit corporation must re-file the Statement of Information annually and whenever the corporation: (1) moves, (2) elects new officers, (3) adds or deletes directors, (3) changes the name of its registered agent for service of process, or (4) changes the type of business the corporation (or LLC) is engaged in.

Please note that only corporation Statement of Information filings can be filed online (click here for more information). Additionally, if you file your client’s corporation’s Statement of Information filings online, the SOS does not provide a copy. Attorneys Corporation Services, Inc. can retrieve copies of Statements of Information that have already been filed online. Statement of Information filings for LLC’s must be mailed or hand delivered to the Secretary of State and cannot be completed online.

Currently, the State is taking approximately 4 months to process statement of information filings. But do not despair! Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. can help. For busy lawyers, CPAs, and other professionals who do not have 12 – 16 weeks to wait, we offer 24-48 hour expedited filing services on all Statement of Information filings.

California law requires corporations, limited liability companies and common interest development associations to update the records of the California Secretary of State on an annual or biennial basis by filing a statement. Remember, your client’s corporation is required to file this statement even though it may not be actively engaged in business at the time this statement is due.

Not only have the annual Statement of Information forms required by law changed (the link to the updated forms can be found here), but the State is no longer providing blank Statement of Information forms with the filed Articles of Incorporation.

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