Whether you have incorporated your client’s new business or are in the processing of incorporating it, it’s time to order a customized Corporate Kit. Beneficial to any businesses, a quality corporate kit will help you manage important corporate documents and provide you with corporate minutes and other paperwork required to maintain corporate status.

A customized corporate kit from Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. generally includes:


  • A corporate binder with an embossed corporate name,
  • Tab dividers,
  • Articles of incorporation,
  • Corporate minutes,
  • Stock transfer ledger,
  • Stock certificates,
  • Corporate seal, and
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Company name gold-stamped down spine

Finally, each one of our Corporate Kits includes a corporate seal for your client’s business — a professional addition to any document. A corporate seal gives important paperwork a more official look. Our seals come in a decorative pouch with available gold stamping.

What’s more, our corporate kits are manufactured in-house at our manufacturing plants. This means that unlike many of our competitors who outsource their production at a higher cost to you, we are affordable and quick.

Corporate Kit is the professional touch every business needs. Contact Attorneys Corporation Services, Inc. today to learn more.

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  1. Clifford Pitt says:

    A nice blog on corporate kits, business through corporate kits are professional but now non corporate business are growing very fast which is source of economical strength of any nation.

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