Are you, the busy professional, staying on top of all of the potential business surrounding you? With interest rates at all-time lows and many educated, talented individuals out of work, intelligent men and women with great ideas are taking a calculated risk and starting their own business. This is good news for attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and other licensed professionals who assist these entrepreneurial individuals with forming their businesses.

Studies show that a recession and struggling economy drives business innovation. Whether it’s improving upon an idea, process, or product currently in the market or developing a new idea or concept, individuals across our great country are taking advantage of the economic downturn and creating their own opportunities. Are you prepared for this potential influx in new business the economic recession could bring?

At Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc., we help you, the licensed professional, make the most of these entrepreneurial individuals. From corporate and LLC formation to corporate kits and document compliance software, we can help you appropriately manage your time so that you are able to bring in more business and give more time and attention to other aspects of your client’s business formation.

Don’t waste hours or days calling or mailing the Secretary of State to see if your client’s new business name is available — call us and we’ll have your answer in minutes. Looking for a registered agent for your client’s business in other states? We’ve got you covered. Need a UCC filing yesterday? We understand and can provide you with reliable, current information in a matter of minutes.

Let Attorneys Corporation Service save you time, money, and headache. Call or contact us online today.

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