Tax season is upon us, which means late hours and extra work for many of our clients. At Attorneys Corporation Service, Inc. we understand that many of our attorney, CPA, and financial professional clients have been practicing for years and understand the Internal Revenue Code inside and out –and our hats are off to you! But for those of us who could use a little refresher now and then, here are a few tips.

10 tax tips, reminders and planning tools for your business

  1. Remember Roth IRA conversion taxes
  2. Claim your American Opportunity Tax Credit
  3. Pay attention to Form 1099-K
  4. Note health care info on your W-2
  5. Be prepared for basis reporting
  6. Accelerate your income — while you still have a lower rate
  7. Cash in available investment income
  8. Plan for the added Medicare tax
  9. Asses your alternative minimum tax
  10. Gift to charity and your estate

And CPAs and tax attorneys: make sure you have your personal Preparer Tax Identification Number, or PTIN, ready! Over recent years, the IRS has been ramping up its effort to hold tax preparers accountable and weed out unscrupulous tax professionals with increasingly strict rules. In order to file your clients taxes, you must have a current year PTIN. More information on PTINs can be found here.

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